Client ask to give a quote to develop a Gucci similar website

Hello, did anyone in this kind situation before, client just give a few websites.

and ask how much. There are tons of information in those websites, it would be hours to go through all the details and functionality. How should I provide an estimate on quote like this? anybody have suggestions?

It’s an old client, so he is interested, otherwise I wouldn’t spent time look into this quote.

Thanks in advance

Ask the client more specific questions. Just because the client only gave you the websites and asked how much doesn’t mean you have to only use that as your basis for a quote.

Simply respond back that you need additional information to provide an accurate quote. Ask questions like:

What is your goal for the website?
What features on those websites are you interested in having on your website?
Are you primarily interested in the functionality or visual design of those websites?
Do you have a budget and timeframe for this project?

If they don’t give you additional information, then I would simply tell them that you can’t give an exact quote without specifics. So then you provide them with a wide estimate that depends on the features chosen. When you provide them with a quote between $10k and $120k, perhaps they will be more willing to sit down and discuss the specifics with you? :wink:

Yea it depends on what you mean by ‘like’. The Chanel site looks great because they have a huge in-house design department that does print ads, and they feed the website with content. They also have a strong and well understood brand to work with. The value of those two items is in the millions of dollars.

But, if you just wanted something that showed product in a functionally similar way to the Chanel site, that isn’t so hard.

I’d say between $25,000 and $250,000 and up.

Thanks a lot to both of you, your input was very helpful :slight_smile:

You should meet with the client in person (or at least have an indepth discussion) on the phone before wasting any time on putting together a proposal.

Someone coming in and saying “I want a website like that” without a fully written RFP,
budget, etc. could just be a tire kicker.

If the project is big enough it makes sense to offer your client paid analysis phase. During that phase you clarify client’s goals and requirements, do research and finally create specification, that later on can be used for estimation.