Clicking on author name shows all content on the site. Should be blog only. Help?


I have a problem. When i click on my name “toomas” in the blog it shows all content i have created on the site. I only want it to show the blog posts by the author in the blog. How do i fix this?

Please check here

Hi seotoka, Isn’t toka you? i.e. toomas == toka

Yes. but it shows all of of the content on the site not related to the blog posts. As you can see all the blog posts are created with my name “toomas” and there are 3 blog posts with that name. It seems to show all content related to other pages which is not blog posts. do you know how to fix this?

If you want to display only specific content you can code a custom user page using author.php template. You can read more on this here