Clickable links behind the fixed div on top of website


I make a website which is based on tabless div tag.
I have a problem regarding clickable links is not working behind the fixed div on top.
Navigation links is not clickable in IE due to fixed div on top.

Here is website link
Untitled Document

Plz help me its urgent



You are using the non standard ‘pointer-events’ to allow the click-through (a risky approach anyway) which IE doesn’t understand.

You do have half the fix in place for IE which is to use the alpha image loader for the transparent image and that will allow for a click through effect in ie8 and under.

Add this code.

<!-- Include he following conditional to get click-throughs to work with IE -->
<!--[if IE]>
      <style type="text/css">

        .sample {[B]background:none!important;    [/B]      filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader([B]src='[/B]', sizingMethod='scale');


It won’t work in IE9 though as although you can make it use the non standard filter is still won’t let you click through in the way that IE8 and under do (even using the emulate meta tag doesn’t produce the same results as the IE version it is proposed to emulate.)). It would have been safer to slice the curve in sections and avoid the stacking issues.