Click on a value returned from a file using c# and

I m trying to click on value (link format) on a webpage and i read it from a separate file. the value is read correctly from the external file but I cant get the script to click on it. the first line of code reads the value correctly from the external file but the second is supposed to click on the rendered value in comparison with the one from the file which is identical. So for instance, the text file has one value of X1 and the webpage has a value in link format called X1. So the idea is to click on the X1 link using the variable valueID rather than just reading the text link from the page. any idea how to implement it or get it to work with the code below please?

string ValueID = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(@"ValueID.txt");
await _page.ClickAsync("text=$ValueID");

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