Click event in IE7 not working

I have a button that is a facebook button that is coded as:

<div class=“fbshare1”><a class=“login-button”><span>Like</span></a></div>

In a js file, I reference it by

$(‘.fbshare1 .login-button span’).live(‘click’, function(e) {

It works fine in Firefox and IE8 but IE7 doesn’t recognize the click. Is there a reason for that or is some other kind of problem?

Why not use??

$('.fbshare1 a.login-button').live('click', function(e) {

Thanks, I can do that. Is there any reason what I had wouldn’t work with IE7 and can I assume safely that what you have sent will absolutely work with IE7? It’s not my computer and I’m trying to isolate the problem to IE7 or something on the computer.

Like I said, it works fine with IE8 and FF on other computers.

My guess is that IE 7 can create an event handler on a span element there for nothing happens, by default you should always try to use events on a and input elements as they have been cross compatibility between browsers.