Clearing float problem and position: absolute question

Hi all,

Im having a problem were Iv created 3 columns of info using an unordered list, iv also added a border-bottom to the ul, my problem is I need to clear the li’s in the list in order for the ul to style propely and im not sure how I can do this, Iv placed a clear inside the ul which works in ff anyway but this isnt valid code, can anyone help me with this problem? Iv hightlighted this problem with a background red.


Iv created a tag line that i want to position absolutely over the main banner of the same page, iv applied position: relative to the banner and then top and right of 0 to the tag, for some reason however the tag doesnt pick up the relative position of the banner so instead uses the body? Can anyone suggest were Im going wrong here?

Many thanks!


Hey all,

Got the clear float problem working, realised I had to add overflow: auto for quirksmode, any suggestions about my position problem?

all fixed

Hi, you don’t have the review banner within the header element :). Adjust the HTML to make that so


Ninjad in :slight_smile: