Clear: none;

I’m pretty sure a “clear: none;” would give me what I want but some element seems to be missing the message… I’ve included a JSFiddle for reference, but you’ll have to hide the sidebar and make the “results” window as wide as possible to see the 2 column effect. I want the 3rd article to fill in under the 1st article to make a newspaper layout, without huge amounts of space in the opposite column. Sorry for the first 2 lines being minified, I could post another without the minification, but it’d be huge, and I’ll have to reset anything they affect anyways.

Floated elements can’t slip up and fill in gaps like that. You basically have two options: either wrap each column in a div, or use a script like Isotope or Masonry—

thanks! I’ve been stuck on that for 2 weeks! I try not to post until I’m ready to give up…

No worries. Let us know how you go. Masonry can be fun to play with.

I’ll try to play around with it more tomorrow… still not seeing it tonight.

Works OK for me when I choose the No Wrap - in <body> option, but I’m not sure what that means. Might just mean that the library is attached to the bottom of the page, which is the best place for it anyway.

Thanks! it’s working pretty well! I’m still trying to tweak the column width settings, I think there’s a minor conflict or overlap with some of the inherited CSS in the theme. thanks again!