"clear:both" affects to a div outside


This is my page:


login: fer
password: m
Note: after login you will be redirected to another page. Then click again the link i mention.

Why i have a gap between the list of people and the header of the list (“Resultados” and page buttons) ?? It’s like the “clear:both” of the “cuerpo_lista_miembros” div is affecting also the filter (that is outside the “lista_miembros” div).

“cuerpo_lista_miembros” means in spanish “member_list_body”.

Im using FF 3.6.



Yes. So why not remove it? What are you trying to achieve by having it there?

Like ralpm said: removing the clear: both; will let it slide in place. Cursory checked in FF.

thanks both, it’s true…

You’re welcome :slight_smile: