Hi guys, I’m trying to make a website quickly for a local charity. They have asked me to make a content managment system for the site. I have added inline editors to each block of texts on the page i would like to be edited, however at the moment all fields are posting to a single field in my mysql database (called message) rather to their individual fields. I haven’t used ckeditor before, so I’m slighlty lost. I was wondering whether you could please show me quickly how to script my files so that each block of text can be edited indididually and saved into their own fields in my mysql database.

my files can be found here

Has anyone got any suggestions for this problem?

I understand that you have a problem and that you want a solution asap but the thing is that if nobody has answered this question yet is because they may not have enough knowledge or may not be interested in it or simply don’t have the time. Bumpimg the thread will not help that.

Also take into consideration that the post is only two days old and some people do like to enjoy the weekend :wink:

In my case, I do not have any experience at all with ckeditor so I’m not sure if I could be of any help. If you’re building a CMS for them is great but I would have used something already in business, such as WordPress which has a plugin for ckeditor.

Anyway, first thoughts are that you should use some kind of symbol or character to divide the value of each field so you can then create a script that will insert the text in the right field of the database.