Cigarettes now sold under the counter, your opinion

So I have began to notice all the big stores in England are now no longer advertising cigarettes over the counter. Me personally I think it is a good idea, as a kid I remembered seeing all the attractive packets and thinking how cool it would be to smoke. Now with this no longer the case do you think this new strategy will be effective.

Personally I don’t think it will be as effective as they may think, but if kids don’t know what they are looking for and are less aware of the brands there will be a cut down.

However those who want to smoke… always will.

I know this wasn’t just put into place purely for kids, but for everyone in general.

Cigarettes are very harmful for the health and cause many diseases for us especially cancer, lung, and live diseases.
We should do every thing for quitting smoking and Government should banned the sale of cigarettes.

I agree with Mark. Smoking is injurious for health for you and the persons near to you who get infected with harmful smoke of cigarette.
It cause cancer and lung diseases.

I just watched one episode of madman, which tell stories about advertisers in the Madison street in the 1950s. In the episode all the tobacco manufacturers are stuck in the dilemma that they can’t prove that cigaretee is healthy in medical papers, and they just don’t know how to advertise it. The main character just come up with a sentence"it is toasted(it is pun). Sorry for the off topic, but i think sometimes things could be very tricky, even they are very bad, you just can’t get rid of it.

I don’t know why people are complaining too much about cigarettes. Almost all the people who smoke know it is bad for their health, yet they have chosen that lifestyle. I support/understand all those people who talk about banning public smoking. But who are those people to judge us when it comes to banning the cigarettes completely. Wars kill more people than cigarettes. Pollution causes more people to suffer different health issues.

If you don’t want to smoke, don’t smoke period. If you’re effected by smoking done by someone else, complain about it. But you shouldn’t say ban the cigarettes just becuase you don’t like them or it causes health issues!

See the number of deaths and its reasons here!

bold move. would have been best if they could ban it.

we all know its bad, still we let this business go on.

You are absolutely right Mark Cigarettes are very very harmful for us Government should banned them.

Informed adults should ban cigarettes from their own lives. No need for Government intrusion…just don’t smoke.

Just a quick comment, if cigarettes are truly harmful to your health then why are they not deemed illegal? i think it only becomes harmful if you smoke too much cigarettes.

if you smoke 1 Cigarettes that means it will cut your life 5 mins…

just try hard to quit and you will realize you are no more dependent on Cigarettes. who said what, no need to hear those, it’s ultimately killing you smoothly

No Doubt Mark. You are 100% Right.
Cigarettes are really harmful for health

I hate the smell of the cigarette, and i was always taught that smoking is harmful to health and second-hand smoke is even worse. In my opinion, i don’t object to smoking, but you have to make sure what you do will not harm others.

Cigarettes are very harmful if any one smoke it …it will cut 5 to 7 minute of his life.and the number of diseases are the another things by which he get suffered early.