Chrome (linux) oddity

So i’m coding a series of pages on my local box.

The code runs a significant period of time when called, and logs entries as it goes (I tail the log to observe).

So in my address bar sits “” (with some replacement, obviously).

When i change file1 to file2 (by erasing the 1 and putting a 2), WITHOUT pushing enter, my log starts going off. The page is running already. No request, no pageload into the browser… but the file’s chugging along.

I should point out that the log is session-specific; noone else could be running the file. There are no other tabs in chrome open to that page. This only occurs if I have already been to that page before (so changing the test variable to something i havent used before causes no firing).

That does sound odd. My first thought was that it was loading a “preview” for the new page, but AFAIK Chrome doesn’t have that.

The address bar is also used for search, so maybe the browser’s “magic search” (or whatever it’s called) kicks in whenever there’s a text change?