Chrome Developer Tools

What is the best resources available for learning Chrome Developer Tools ?

Other than hitting F12 and playing with it? Nothing that I know of. It is actually very easy to use, so I’m not sure what exactly you need to help you. Is there something in particular you are trying to do with it?

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Thank You.
Well yes, playing since last night, i do think i’m getting hold of it.

Google has a pretty good run down:

Well, Thanks for the link @mawburn.

@isdixit I COMPLETELY disagree. CDT is an unbelievably rich suite of tools. I watched a three hour course on it some time ago and was amazed at how much I did not know. If you know all about console, javascript breakpoints, how the timeline can be properly used and really understand the Network tab then you are just beginning to get going. If you are a StackOverflow top tosser - it is super simple. If you are not a full time programmer/developer who has kept up with all new developments in the last five years I would humbly suggest it is friking impossible to just dive in and get the best out of it by “just playing with it”. True if you “just play with it” for about 40 hours you will get pretty good at it. Sorry but felt your sensible question was rather sidelined for no valid reason. I looked at this topic for some useful pointers and did not get any.

EDIT As soon as I posted I remembered it was a Pluralsight (Plurasite?) course and I also had a bit of instruction at the University of Hawaii earlier this year … just play with it ha!

PS @cpradio not really moaning at you I just think your skill set is probably way higher than mine and the CDT is very useful at times and is not intuitive to us mere mortals. In fact for mere mortals it is a great learning tool… If you can work out how to use it… Catch 22 etc

No sweat, I also think you bring up a good point, there are a LOT of “power” features in there that will take a lot of time to get the hang of.

However, the simple side is being able to inspect your elements, so you can test out CSS changes to fix that 1-off pixel you are seeing, or to catch any JavaScript errors in the console, or just seeing if any 404 errors are occurring when loading your page.

For some, that is all they need, for others, we dive into it much further because of what we want to accomplish/find.

this folks have a nice series


and a few others.
all nice, succinct vids.

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