Chrome Developer questions

1.) What does the “L” icon do?

2.) What does “Fit” in Chrome Developer do?

I’m not sure. So I googled it. I googled “What does ‘fit’ in Chrome Developer do?”

Doing that gave me this link (first result).

And I quote:

Select the Fit checkbox to ensure that the emulated screen remains fully visible inside your browser viewport, shrinking to fit if necessary. (This setting is for convenience and does not emulate the device differently.)

Oh look - we found the actual developer toolbar website for Chrome. THey also have this snippet for your first question (right above) :slight_smile: .

Toggle the screen resolution emulator on and off using the Emulate screen resolution emulate resolution icon checkbox. Alternate between portrait and landscape views by clicking the Swap dimensions swap dimensions icon icon.

Man, I love Google. Makes me feel smart answering all these questions.

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I looked at that stuff yesterday and alas it still isn’t clear to me…

What specifically are you having trouble understanding? Have you done any playing with these features to physically see what it does? Reading + visually seeing what it does should be enough to make it click for you.

Been playing around all weekend.

Never having owned a smart phone doesn’t help me to understand things you take for granted.

So it looks like you have to check the “Emulate Screen Resolution” |_ thing for anything to work?

Does that mean if it is unchecked then you just see how things would appear on the desktop?

For Fit, it seems like if it is checked, it shrinks down the window so everything fits in your Developer window. What is unclear is how it impacts what you would see on the actual device?!

If I choose “Laptop with HiDPI Screen” it seems like it gets chopped off to the right. If I check Fit, then everything shrinks to fit in the space below and to the right of the black rulers, and to the left of the window with the CSS in it.

With Fit checked, is the relationship between the web page and the view port accurate?

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