Choosing birth date from calendar

I wish to use (html5 datepicker) which I learnt doesn’t have have most browsers support while for the jquery ui datepicker, it disallows selecting dd/mm/yy separately. How do I get around this?

Sorry don’t have an answer specifically just a thought…

Why not just use 3 drop downs - Day | Month | Year ? or text/num fields with min/max set

A date picker isn’t very useful if i have to scroll back to the 1980’s much easier from a dropdown. I don’t need to know it was a Tuesday or whatever so any extra information from a datepicker is useless. It’s useful for booking a plane or something where i need to know i’m leaving on Fri the 3rd Jan 2017 etc as it confirms the day which i am likely to want to know.

A little bit of JS can make it so once you filled in Day it’ll take you to Month field etc.

Alternatively if you are using PHP to process the form you could use the jquery picker and then split the date into components.

<?php $year = date('Y', strtotime($_POST['fulldate']));?>

Then just do the same for Day ‘d’ and month ‘m’.


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