Choosing a Title - on or off the bandwagon?

Hopefully many of you are fans of SitePoint’s “On Our Radar”

I have only now learned that many other sites also have their own “On Our Radar”

On the one hand, I think it is a good thing for visitors and searchers to see the title and know what to expect when they go to read it.

On the other hand, similar to “top ten” titles, unless specific words applicable to a particular article are used if someone has read one and they want to go back to it, searching for “on our radar” will bring up many results and finding the one of interest may not be so easy.

My question is, regarding this practice, Do you think the pros outweigh the cons?
Am I imagining there to be a problem that doesn’t exist?

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It seems more like a weekly roundup for those who visit the site, rather than something people will look for via an online search, so I’m not sure it matters that much. But perhaps a different title would garner more search engine traffic.

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