Choosing a suitable Bootstrap layout (or template) for my "info" site

I’m having trouble deciding on the layout for my site; either by designing it myself or buying/downloading a suitable template, then taking it from there. I’ve decided on Bootstrap though as that’ll make things easier (it’s been a while since I created a complete website from scratch), make it responsive, modern looking and functional.
This will be an “Informational” site, mostly for housing a large FAQ, but also for file-downloads, a web-form for joining the mailing list and hopefully a search function as well (if I can figure that one out).

What’s been holding me back for the most part is figuring out the best and most efficient user-interface for the FAQ. I have the text/image content done, and being quite large I decided to split it into 3 parts (so it won’t take forever to get the page ready). I’ve been looking at the “Bootstrap affix sidebar with scrollspy” for navigation as it seems appropriate for users to browse through various questions and their answers without getting lost. I don’t quite know how to tie the three FAQ sections together in the best way though.
Well, that’s basically the content of my site -what do you suggest I look into, design and functional-wise?

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