Choose A Busines Name with SEO In Mind?

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Would my business name make a big difference regarding SEO?..for example, using “xyz 123 design” VS “xyz 123 WEB design”? Or will the verbiage on my landing/home page suffice (in regard to my business name specifically) in having potential clients find me? I’m weak with SEO understanding still so I wanted to ask about that in particular.

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My advice would be to choose the name which best suits your business, and worry about SEO later.

As Matt Cutts points out in this video, some of the best-known businesses don’t have keywords in their names at all.

Search engines look at the text of your page as a whole, to ascertain what it is about.

You might find it helpful to read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which explains the basics.

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I agree. Consider “Google” itself. They could have chosen “NewSearchEngine”, “BestSearchEngine”, “WebSearchEngine” or whatever. But they opted for a “new cool” name.

if you choose a name that was also used for something else like a catchphrase from a movie or something like that then when you’ll want to promote it in the search results you’ll have a problem.

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Would my business name make a big difference regarding SEO?[/quote]


Your domain could be and you could come up ranked #1 for plumbers in Seattle, WA. (Not recommended, but doable!)

Good SEO is about providing quality content that matches what your website claims to be about.

If your website had useful information about plumbing and plumbers in Seattle and was named, Google wouldn’t necessarily care.


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Thanks Norman! Good point.


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Yes…stay away from popular phrases, gotcha! Thanks!

Thanks mikey_w! I do get it now!

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