Chinese, Korean and American perception of web pages studied

Thought folks who haven’t already run across this one would like to read it; it’s fascinating (I was looking for something else and ran into it).

A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Users’ Perceptions of a Webpage: With a Focus on the Cognitive Styles of Chinese, Koreans and Americans, 2008, from the International Journal of Design.

Very interesting read. Conventions do show that the way people notice websites is influenced by factors such as their geographical position and social background, but it’s nice to see some studies to break down some of the similarities and differences which occur. We need more detailed studies being produced. :slight_smile:

PS: The name Ying Dong made me laugh :blush:

Remember the other thread where someone wanted to make a machine/bot/software that graded sites on design? Someone mentioned Asians preferring “cluttered” pages compared to Westerners… I was looking for something more along those lines and ran across the above article.