Child menu width - unable to adjust

I posted this question originally on wptavern but after over a week of no replies im going to try posting it here.

      Hello peeps,

      I am working on a child theme of Twenty Ten, i am using the latest version of wordpress (3.4.1).
      I am having an issue with my navigation.
      Im using the default menu system included in wordpress.
      I have the top level nav all figured out but i want to change the width of the child menus and cant seem to figure out how.
      im using chrome so ive gone to 'inspect element' and figured out the classes and id's but nothing i try is changing anything at all.

      does anyone know how to change this?

      the one class i could not find was "sub-menu". its in the output code as the class of the ul for the child menus but i cannot find it in any of the stylesheets.

      what i am looking for is to be able to set the width of each child menu individually or have them inherit their width from the parent item - the latter would be preffered.

      my wp installation is at

      i greatly appreciate anyones help on this matter.

Is there a way to set an active state on the menu items?
for example, the parent site ( has active states that cause menu buttons to enlarge.
the menu button for whatever page/category you are on is larger than the rest.

Is this possible with wordpress?