Checking if a textbox is selected

heys all, i’m trying to restrict user input to only 3 digits (3 numbers iow)

so what i’ve did is to check the onkeydown and check if they are digits and if input.value text length is 3 or more i will cancel it.

However, if the user had words selected in the textbox, i will wish to allow input. Because imagine the user selected the string “123” in the textbox, and wishes to override this string by typing a new number. but with my current logic, since the textbox already have 3 digits, he had his input rejected, which is not what i would want.

is there a workaround?

hey thanks for the reply. i may need this in the future for other more complex requirements

Why don’t you just use the maxlength attribute?

<input type="text" maxlength="3">

Yes, there is, but it’s complex because IE and decent browsers have different ways of going about it. In Firefox, Safari and Opera it would be very simple:

var selectedText = inp.selectionEnd - inp.selectionStart > 0;

where inp is a reference to the text box. The selectedText var would be true or false, indicating if text was selected. IE requires you to use document.selection and follow a roundabout way of finding the length of the selected text.

But from what you describe, it seems like maxlength will do what you want.

lol i’ve forgotten about that.

but other than that, there is no way to check if text has been selected within the textbox right?