Checkboxes to control a MySQL query

I have a table with many different fields, essentially it lists a bunch of various products. These products are categorized by some of the fields, for example, movie, book, game. And if it’s a game, the field as a Yes of not, a No.

On the front end, I want to create a form that will give me these options:

What do you want to see?
Games Movies Books Etc.

And if I want to just see Games, I’ll put a check in, if I want to see multiple items, I’d select them and then select Search.

Can you point me in the direction I should go with the code? I’ve read some guides but they are not geared towards what I’m looking to do. Thank you,

And what are you going to do if you need a new category? Add a column to the products table?

Take a look at my post here: I provided a simple solution using bitflags :slight_smile: