Checkbox function needs correction

	$names = array(
			"prequalified" => 'I am prequalified.',
			"receive_info" => 'Yes! I would like to receive more information.'

	function checkbox(array $names){
		foreach($names as $name =>$desc) {			
			if($_REQUEST['name']=='Yes') { 
				$checked = 'checked'; 			else{
				$checked = '';
			$checkbox .= '<tr><td colspan="2"><input type="checkbox" name="'.$name.'" value="Yes" '.$checked.' />'.$desc.'</td></tr>';		
	/*** and return the completed checkbox ***/
	return $checkbox;

With this code, i am hoping my checkbox would be checked off once the form is submitted, i am however unable to get this to work, once the form is submitted, the checkboxes are unticked, any idea how to fix?

$_REQUEST[$name] instead of $_REQUEST[‘name’] should help a bit.