Check email address if still active?

I’d like to check all of my users emails to find out which of them are no longer valid? In other worlds how can I check if the email in DB is still a valid one so that I don’t waist my emails quota on dead ones?

You can jump through hoops by checking your smtp server for bounced emails, but I’m not sure that’s going to be an effective test because there are certain email providers which won’t bounce emails. They’ll just absorb them so you’ll never know. My internet provider works that way.

Do you send that many emails that you’re having an issue?

Most big mailer services like Sendgrid manage this is kind of stuff for you. As soon as mail bounces the email is put on a list and they won’t send any email to that address again. I really recommend using a service like that. Sure, you can build all the components yourself, but not at the price they’re offering it at.

And then we haven’t even begun to talk about getting your sending domain and/or IP blacklisted and such …


Hi, may help you too, with their Email verifier & API

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