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Hi guys,

Im building a basic website for a local community association. They want a simple web page with a list of concerts. Next to each concert they want to give the ability for a user to select a quantity of tickets and pay.

The client is an elderly chap (which is typical of local community associations) and the types of users are also likely to be elderly.

The client doesnt want a new ecommerce merchant account and have the expense of managing that and learning how to do it.

So what should I offer him? He has used Paypal, so perhaps I should offer him that?

I was going to suggest Ticket Turtle as a number of arts organizations I know have used that to handle their performances and were very satisfied with setup and performance - and the organizers were older and definitely non-tech savy.

But I see that Ticket Turtle has been purchased and rebranded as part of Neon One, which looks to be a more complete solution but may be more than is needed for this purpose. Still might be worth looking into.

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I’ve been evaluating payment solutions for my own opinionated checkout solution. The one I’m leaning towards is stripe. Stripe firebase perhaps but I think stripe alone is probably the best option. Although firebase has some good demos showing how to build an api around stripe.

Thanks guys. I suppose my question should be split into two:

  1. How best to display the concerts. Should I use Woocommerce? Ive been looking at this which integrates with Woocommerce

  2. What payment gateway to use? Paypal seems teh cheapest and easiest to setup in Woocommerce?


Hmm, this looks free to use. And I can just use Paypal too.

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