Charts in HTML using Datatables

I need to create charts in my html page using Data from tables. Tables are already created using datatables and currently I am using highcharts to create charts from those tables.

The problem I am facing is as highcharts is creating chart for all the columns in the table. where as I want some columns to be disabled initially when the page is loaded. or best the chart should be created for only the for those columns where header contains some string.

I am open to change to any other plugin which gives highcharts like looks and hover capabilities.

Can someone please point me for the solution of this.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Sourabh Jaiswal.

Can’t help with that because I never used that particular library.
But for I can see, it does come with some options. Hidding those columns that you want seem to be a case of simply applying a specific css style.

I’d be surprise that a library like this doesn’t come with some options to hide and show data (well, parts of the chart or graphic)

I assume that you’ve read all the documentation, right?

This topic may be of interest. It is using hard-coded data which could be obtained from your database. I did have a database version but did not copy the database when I moved to a different web host.

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