Charge with stripe by customer token

I am a bit confused how to charge with Stripe, if I understood correctly, if customer is new first I should provide a CC form to send his CC info to Stripe as mentioned here:
then with that returned token I may either directly charge the card as mentioned here

or use that token to create a customer first then charge the card as mentioned here

Next time I can retrieve customer now how can I charge an existing customer? In response of retrieving a customer what should I fetch to pass to charge his card again?
Or creating customer is for reference purpose only and everytime I should provide CC form to charge his card via Stripe and cannot charge his card by retrieving a customer?

I think after create a card token and create a customer I have to Create Card to attach the card to the customer?
Then I can Retrieve the card and now to charge it with as there is no tok_* in the response of retrieve card?

Well, I created this code:

$t = \Stripe\Token::create(array( "card" => array(
"number" => "4242424242424242",
"exp_month" => 11,
"exp_year" => 2016,
"cvc" => "314"  )));
$c = \Stripe\Customer::create(array(
  "description" => "Customer for",
  "source" => $t->id));

With this I could create a CC token and assign it to customer to create a customer too.
Now I can retrieve the customer by:


But for next time how can I create a charge just by retreiving existing customer without asking him to enter his CC on form again?

another question is that how can I use at the same time do Charge::create and Customer::create for the same card as token is one-time use only?

yes - you can create a charge either on a card or on a customer

After submitting my Stripe.js-powered form, it seems $_POST[‘stripeToken’] has a value but when I call immediately:


 $customer = \Stripe\Customer::create(array(
             "source" => $_POST['stripeToken'],
             "description" => "blah"

I get no such token error, but if I create token by Card like, it works fine. What is the problem?

You don’t need the form to process payments for a customer - you just need the customer token that was returned when you set up the customer.

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