Chaociper by starlion

@StarLion I saw a topic by starlion on April 11 when you were working on a php implementation of the chaocipher. You said you figured out your problem. Do you have an example of the corrected code I could see?

It’s been… 4 years since i wrote that post, but from the looks of my note at the bottom of the post, What i screwed up on was “Phase 3”. I copy/pasted phase 3 from phase 2, and forgot to change the references to $lab (Left Alphabet) to $rab (Right Alphabet). So if you fix that mistake, I would assume the code works.

For the record this is not intended to be a cryptographically secure cypher, it’s just something i was toying with.

EDIT: No, i take that back. The code as implemented works, if you change all references to “$lab” in Phase 3 of both Encypher and Decypher to $rab.

Thanks ! I tried that and it works like you indicated.

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