Changing Title of Blog Affect SEO or Not?

I want to change my blog title Tips2secure - Latest Technology Updates, Blogging and SEO Tips into Tips2secure - All Tech Solutions
Will it worth for me? And how much it will affect on SEO??

If the new title better reflects the content of your blog, then by all means change it. I doubt a minor change like that will have any effect at all.

Search engines are more interested in your article content. Ensure your articles have good, relevant titles

Google search: Latest Technology Updates Blogging SEO

The above Google keyword search shows at the bottom of the page:

Play around with the keywords and notice the changing suggestions.

Extra Special Note:
This only works on and not on,,, etc (using the Country Code.)

Bro today I checked my DA and PA of blog and what I found, DA drops down from 21 to 15, but PA increased 21 to 30… ??? Which is more important DA or PA

I have no idea. Those are metrics used by, not by any search engine, as far as I’m aware.

DA is important. but If you looking for honest reply then nothing important than your content quality and relevancy. keep it good and you will win both.

Hi – yes – it’s still one of the main factors and many companies who haven’t sought SEO advice still get this wrong since they have similar duplicate browser titles or they don’t target searchers’ keywords in the title or overdo it.
I mean the title of a blog should be as according to the demand of your audience.And changing a title is always effective.

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Titles do affect SEO big time. In fact its one of the three most important factors On-site for ranking, with first H1 and URL.
I changer the name of my website and it went up to 5 places in ranking. So you see.