Changing the Site Title & meta description


I have recently built my website on Wordpress and used SEO Yoast to set the titles and meta description for each page, including my home page- for example the Title should be “Vehicle Transportation - CAR transporter” But for some reason when I link to the website it shows this:

Any help would be appreciated on how I can rectify this.

Many thanks

I’m a bit confused about what you mean (partly because I don’t use Wordpress or Yoast).

The <title> meta tag, which is what I understand Yoast sets, is not the same thing as the post or article title. The <title> meta tag is what is displayed in your browser tab or header. Are you saying that Yoast should have set it for both the meta tag and the post title?


Sorry I didn’t explain myself very well and posted from my phone so it was hard to get the screenshots.

This is where I have set the title in Wordpress under general settings:

Then this is the title I have set for the homepage on the SEO Yoast Plugin:

As you can see neither of them are replicated what has been displayed when I pasted the link:

Thanks in advance

Both the title and description are where they are supposed to be in that page so it is working exactly as it is supposed to.

Perhaps you are misunderstanding how these tags work.

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