Changing site layout-educated guess about how it will affect


please take a look at my site.

Its a local free classified site. As of now, I get around 30 new Registrations per day, 10-15 ads posted.

My question is Im planning to change the ad posting process (which I have explained later) and I would like know if this will have affect on nos of registrations and ads? I understand you can’t tell exactly what will happen until I try it. But I want an educated guess from experienced people who have been doing this for a long time.

Current system requires users to register on my site before posting a ad. This process involves account activation too.
There is a short video showing the process of creating a account:

(please excuse the language used in the video. As my site is a local ad site, I used my language)

Im thinking about changing this a little bit. What Im going to do is I will still keep the registration system. But I will make it so users will be able to post ads WITHOUT registering. In ad posting process, at some point users have to enter their contact name, email and phone no. In this step I will add a field to enter a password. Once user submit that info, account will be created using the email and the pass user entered.
So lets say he posts another ad few days later. His email is same. But he enters a different pass this time. Once he submits this info, his previous pass will be changed to new one.


What is the user need that you’re trying to address through the changes that you’re looking at making here? I think that is probably first topic of discussion as that should help inform any thoughts on how you move forward.

Your current process for ad creation doesn’t look bad to me, doing this in-line with ad-creation (where I assume most people are going to be signing up) would be helpful but I didn’t see the current user experience as being particularly bad or outside the norm.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I want to make ad posting process as much easier as I can. Right now user needs to create account first, activate it, then post the ad.
In proposing method I mentioned in the first post, user can directly go to posting ad and create the account along the process. When he post another ad, his email will be detected and that 2nd ad will be added under his account.

I thought about this because so far dozens of members complained that ad posting process is so confusing. Maybe I can’t make everyone happy or their perspective about how classifieds sites work may have changed due to my competitors. (most of them allow users to post ads without registering)


Why do you keep posting the URLs as an image?

Much better to not guess, educated or otherwise.
IMHO the best thing to do is “A B” testing and see for yourself what works better.

Depends a lot on your business model - if you’re charging for posting ads then obviously better to get them to go through the process, if your main focus is getting a volume of ads onto the site then the most important thing is to focus in on making the process of posting as easy and quick as possible. I would still try to get some user information to form the bare bones of an account though (particularly an email address) as it is a good move to try to grow your list as quickly as possible

Im not charging anything yet.
Right now my main focus is to get as much ads as I can.
Users will be required to enter an email and phone number when posting the ad.


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