Changing maximum file upload size in a script?

Can you temporarily change the php.ini settings for maximum file upload for a certain script? Much like a runtime configuration change to when errors are displayed.

upload_max_filesize and post_max_size: Entry can be set in php.ini, .htaccess or httpd.conf

I thought I responded to this earlier today but it looks like I didn’t actually submit my post.

First - thanks! Secondly, could you provide a brief demo on how to set it in .htaccess or httpd.conf? I know about php.ini, but I wanted to set it differently for just a specific script. I am not very familiar with apache yet.

The manual suggests that you cannot change this on a script by script basis, with ini_set. Someone may put me right on this point.

That’s what I got from the manual as well.

Thanks. That’s going to take a while (a long while ) for me to digest.