Changing file name with Zend_Form_Element_File

Anyone familiar with Zend_Form and specifically Zend_Form_Element_File? I am having trouble figuring out how to rename an uploaded file? So far I have the following form…

class Image_Add_Form extends Zend_Form
	public function init()
		$this->setAttrib('enctype', 'multipart/form-data');
		$fileDestination = realpath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/../public/images/events');
		$this->addElement('file', 'image', array(
			'label' => 'Upload A Picture: ',
			'required' => true,
			'destination' => $fileDestination,
			'validators' => array(
				array('Count', false, array(1)),
				array('Size', false, array(1048576 * 5)),
				array('Extension', false, array('jpg,png,gif')),
		$this->addElement('image', 'submit', array(
			'decorators' => array(array('viewHelper', array('class' => 'submit'))),
			'src' => '/public/images/upload_image.png',
			'required' => false,
			'class' => 'submit',
			'ignore' => true,

As far as I know the “destination” option only allows you to specify the directory that a file is uploaded to, but not a filename. And I’m not aware of any other option for the filename. I’m concerned about file name clashes and security if I just use the file name provided by the user.

In addition in the form processing script, as soon as I call $form->getValues(), the file is uploaded with the user provided file name.

Anyone know a solution to this?