Changing domain name

i have booked a domain for site but now i want slight change in name.will i be able to change name of domain?

no you can’t do the changes only you can do is that you have to book a new domain and redirect that domain name to new domain from .htaccess file by using 301 redirect method

Definitely you can change name of your website domain, but its advisable not to change your domain name, it can effect your website ranking. You can check availability of your desired domain name.

Once you’ve registered your domain you can’t edit it to change the name. But you can register a different name.


You can’t, but you can register another similar name with the same or different provider.

To change a site from using one domain name to another.

  1. Purchase the new domain
  2. Park the new domain on your hosting (this gets it pointing to the same site as the main domain)
  3. Set up a redirect so that anyone accessing the old domain gets redirected to the new one (use a 301 redirect so search engines know this change is permanent)
  4. At some point after doing the above and before the old domain expires ask your hosting provider to swap the main and parked domains over

The domain name you have purchased cannot be deleted now till the domain expiration period . you can purchase the new domain name and add the domain as Addon domain and then you can do Frame Forwarding . So that if any one access your new domain then it will show the content of old domain . And once the Old domain is expired then you can contact your hosting provider and ask him to change the primary domain name.

Hi abilenewillson45,

You can not edit any domain once you registered.

So i would also suggest you to redirect the old domain with new domain.

a domain name cannot be changed once registered. You have no choice but regsiter a new one if you want to change.

Once you booked your domain name you can’t change it. You can change only the middle name (site name) of your domain name within 24 hr. Inform to your registrar and ask for changes.

Once you purchase a domain you will have to stick with it as a cost but of course you can always purchase the domain you would rather have. If you end up with extra domains you can always try to offer it on the open market and see if you can find a buyer on one of the forums where domains are resold. But, generally those venues are filled with offers for domains that have a larger overall general appeal for resell over a personal value for your own site. But, the good news is as long as you can purchase the domain name you desire you can use it however you decide.