Changing domain name with wordpress

I have a client who has rebranded their business and is now using a new domain name. I have updated their Wordpress blog settings as advised in Wordpress’s support tutorials and all is working except a flash slideshow that they previously had in each post. They are using a ProPhoto theme. The images are in the correct position but the flash slideshow doesn’t show. Can anyone suggest any pointers?

Have you checked whether the paths to the Flash file point to the right URL?

The problem is that I can’t find the Flash file

Not sure how to help you if you don’t have the Flash file. You’d need access to it and make sure it’s uploaded on a server in order to link to it.

Ehhh. Misread that. Disregard.

Finally solved it. I had updated the fix but when I had to enter the previous path to the file I had added a www when in fact the previous path had no www.
Some days I shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard. :))