Changing background color on Dreamweaver template

I am new using DW and ran into my first problem. After I created a page I than made a template to make multiple pages. I selected my sidebar and content as editable areas on the templates. I am in a template and want to change the background color in the sidebar and it will not let me do it. Now i can add content within the sidebar. Why will it not let me change the background color since the sidebar is an editable area? How can I change the color? The default is a tan color and I want to change it to white. This is what comes up when I try to change it in CSS.

I don’t know how much you know about CSS, but if you go into the CSS that references the background that you’re trying to change and then just delete that line, it’ll revert to white.

This is why you should learn to code and not use a WYSIWYG editor (no offense), but that’s another thread.


I am learning coding now so I know some of it. I got it fixed now. The best way to learn is to run across problems. Thank you for your help.

Great! Great!

The best way to learn is to run across problems.
Thank you for your help.
No probs!