Changing a small part in my theme

I’m working on my own blog and I’m using a theme which has a small problem I could not fix. here is link for the website.

if you go down closer to the footer, you would see a line which looks weird. I want to fix it to be like this original home page I hope it’s clear for you and if it’s not, here is a pic and also see the link for the css file.

I tried to work on it and I noticed the line is actually a pic called content-bottom.gif

Now I’m trying to find that pic on the css file but no luck at all. Actually I saw it in the default.php and defaultcat.php

and you can see them here theme here

I really do not know how to work on all this and I hope someone can help me

Thank you

You website don’t work! have you fixed that!?

I’m starting everything from zero again and I’ll see what’s wrong with it.

Thank you very much for replying and I’ll let you know if I could not fix it

The bottom of your site looks fine to me. Have you fixed it? If not, what browser are you using to test it?

For me too the footer is looking normal… as ralph said, which browser you use !?

Well thank guys. I fixed the problem :slight_smile:

But I have a question which is not related to the main topic and I hope you do not mind.

I was searching the internet for a wordpress ecommerce theme which looks like the following websites ?

The way they organize selling the gift cards is great, very organized, and simple as you can see in this link:

Do u guys notice any wordpress ecommerce them which looks like that one ?

Thank u guys