Change the value of X to 60 in tags that have "(transform =" translate "(69.20)

I want those tags that transform=“translate(69,20)” to a value transform =" translate “(60,20)”
That is, x changes from 20 to 60
But my problem here is that the tags I want to change X is not clear
This value gives the browser x transform =" translate (X, 20)"
That is, only the value of Y, 20 is fixed
How do I get to these tags?
What kind of filter do i have?
I used this:

$('[transform="translate(69,20)"]').css("transform", "matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 64, 20)");

But this only makes X 69 and Y 20
Do you have a solution?

Your question is a little confusing.
Are you saying you are trying to target all elements that have transform=translate(69,20) set in css?
And change them to transform =" translate “(60,20)” ?
So X gets changed from 60 to 69, and Y stays at 20?
Can you put something into to show the problem?

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