Change text on browser detect

Hello all,

Is there a way to have different divs populate a page depending on browser detected. For example in the sample code below is it possible that if IE/FF is detected this code runs:

<div class="cnt-ieff">
<p>This is the copy that appears in IE/FF.</p>

…and if Chrome is detected this runs:

<div class="cnt-chrome">
<p>This is the copy that appears in Chrome.</p>

Thanks in advance for your help. Please let me know if I left out any pertinent code.

There is no field that identifies which specific browser is being used. Also there are hundreds of browsers other than the three you mention.

While there is a field that is accurate enough to identify browsers for statistical purposes (which identifies all browsers first as Netscape and then adds further browser identifiers to that so as to identify the browser as being as many different browsers as possible) which if not changed generally does identify the browser as one of the really popular ones (grgardless of what it really is), this field is called USER agent because it can be set to any value at all by the browser owner.