Change serifs?

I wonder if it is possible to change the font of the articles to sans-serif for more comfortable viewing.

Great job.

Change them where?

If you mean in your web page then simply change the fonts defined in the CSS file attached to your pages.

If you mean for all pages displayed in your browser then simply specify the font you want in the browser’s user CSS file and make sure the option is turned on so that the browser will lokk at that file as well as the one supplied with the page.

All pages in my browsers displays ok, inluding the JSPro article pages.
But JSPro article pages are the only one using serifs.
It`s not very comfortable to read, but not difficult at all.

I think I don`t have to change anything in my browsers config.
Just read how it comes.

Thanks for you reply and time.

Hi pedrolb. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

If you want, you can set up your own style sheet for a website. You’d only do this if it’s a site you visit often, though. In most browsers, you can install a style sheet that will apply to a particular site you visit. The process is different for each browser, though. What browser do you use?

That’s all browsers I have, running Win7 Pro 32 bits.

Chrome 23.0.1271.95m
Firefox 17.0
Opera 12.11.1661
Safari 5.1.7
IE 10.0.9200.16438

There’s not much point creating a style sheet for each browser, though. Which one do you use for reading JSPro? Maybe just set up a style sheet for one browser to try this out.

This page explains it a bit:

Ok, thanks again.