Change <select/option> to <textarea>

So there is this vbulletin shopping cart that has an option you set in the back-end for Product Sizes. I set the Value as (1) and drew an arrow, so you know where it is.

Instead of setting sizes, I want to have the user input a value (which will be a url, could be more than one url).

The main issue is that it’s supposed to be set as a cart option, but those are defined on the back end and the system isn’t set up to take user input for that field. I tried looking at the section of the cart that does the quantity updating since that’s the only thing able to be modified by the user, but it was a bit beyond me.

Basically you need to get the value the user types into the text area, save it into the product options array, and output it on the next page.

I have the entire code in this PDF:

So below are the 3 images.

  1. User selects the dropdown (which I want to be a text area for a user to input a url(s)).
  2. User views their shopping cart, which I want to display the inputted url underneath title.
  3. The code for the Product_Options.