Change position of elements


Is it possible to move text elements over page and save their position?

Picture in attachment shows one part of my page. This page could be printed without background image (paper in printer looks like background image). I want to move text elements over page so text elements, after printing, could fit any document similar to background image.


You’re going to have to be clearer with your question.

Is there a reason you’re wanting to use Javascript as opposed to a print media CSS file?

If picture on printing paper is changed (data fields remain the same), printing wont be good because text will be printed over margins. So, my client want ability to move text fields on HTML page and to fit them to new picture on paper.

I think I will implement . This looks like good solution for my problem.

Ah. Yes, I understand now.
jQueryUI should definitely take care of your problem, and making the elements resizable would help add to your pages flexibiliy.