Change domin of site and then slider images not working


recently i changed my domin and then i fllowed steps in this link and this link

images are fine but slider dont work fine like before and its just loading
like this

do you have any idea?

When you followed the steps, did you make sure all the image URLs were changed to reflect the new domain name also? Which slider plugin are you using? Or is this slider part of a theme that you installed?

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slider revolution plugin its separate from template…i use royal template,yes image of products are correctly showed in sites…just slider is corrupted.

Check the browser console for errors. It might be that the image links are wrong, or that a script is not loading … We’d need to see a link to be sure.

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i made it right
thanks for your valuable time,

Could you describe what you did to make it right? It might be useful to other readers who come along and see this thread.

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