Change DIV background using Javascript

I currently have a web site in which I am using some Javascript to change the Background of a DIV.

The DIV is defined as follows :

<div id=“outerscreen”>
<div id=“mainscreen”>

and the Javascript I am using is as follows :

var docEl = document.getElementById(‘outerscreen’); = “url(‘pics/intro.gif’)”;

My problem arises where this function works perfectly on IE but fails for Chrome, FF and Safari.

Can anyone shed any light on what the problem is and how I might be able to resovle this.

Thanks in advance Chris

Its hard to say whats going wrong as the code you posted should be 100% perfect in all browsers. Is there a demo link you could share with us?

he website is here it works just dandy in IE, however when in Chrome or FF the image does not load.

Because i have a redirect on the URL it may be better seen here

The source code in question appears on line 12 - 13 or there abouts

I had a quick look and the background color for #mainscreen is the reason why nothing is appearing, simply remove the background color and the image will appear.