Change Display Time Format

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I have Hours field in my database and the datatype is time, I have template that displayed the data of Hours, the data in database is like this 40:00:00 , I want to display the value in my webpage like this 40.00 the 40 is hours and 00 is minutes. Is it possible?How?

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Here is my code to display the Hours:

<input name= "Hours" class = "LField" type="text" maxlength="12" tabindex="0" size="12"  value="{$Hours}" readonly="readonly" style="background: #e2e2e2"/>

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$hours = '40:00:00';

// do this in your controller before passing the $hours value to your template
$hours = substr($hours, 0, 5);
$hours = str_replace(':', '.', $hours);

If these are hours that someone has worked (for example), it might be best to store the hours as a number, and not as a time. I think the time data type is meant more for one specific point in time, e.g. 8:35 in the morning, and not really for counting hours.

Thank you it works…
I used time because it is the sum of attendance.

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