Change color of Fa FA icon after visited

I want to change the color if FA FA icon un my code but failed to do that
here is my css code

#socialMediaIcons a:visited > .fa  {
    color: #ccc;

and this is html code

echo "<td>";
                                           echo '<a href="testp.php?id='. $row['id'] .'" class="mr-3 " id = "id="socialMediaIcons"" title="Add Bill" data-toggle="tooltip"><span class="fa fa-receipt"></span></a>';
                                        echo "</td>";

It makes a difference what order you have your link pseudo classes declared in. The old rule was “LoVe, HA!”, where your order is L (link styles), V (visited styles), H (hover styles), A (active styles). If your styles are out of order you can get unexpected resluts.

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