Change color of a link?

I’ve spend time here researching this topic but have not found a satisfactory, or understandable answer.

I simply (emphasized) wish to change the color of a link.

No hover, click, visited etc., applies. I just wish to change the color of the text - permanently!


<td><class="toplink"><a href= "" title="">[COLOR="#00FFFF"]Home Seekers[/COLOR]</a></td>


.toplink	  {
	font-family: "Palatino Linotype", "Book Antiqua", Palatino, serif;


Thanks . . . Rick

OK . . . figured it out like this . . .

<td><a href= "" class="toplink"title="">Home Seekers</a></td>

Hope it helps someone.

Thanks . . . Rick

The ERRORS in the ORIGINAL code is that you have used class as a ‘tag’ instead of an attribute to a tag.

<td>[B]<class="toplink">[/B]<a href= "" title="">Home Seekers</a></td>

Hopefully this will help you spot similar errors in the future. :slight_smile: