Centralising An Item In Tablepress Table

Hi everyone,

I posted this question a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t published the website, my mistake - so the thread was closed- rightly. So I do apologise that this is a duplicate but I didn’t know how to resume the old one.

I am using Table press plugin to create my table, I want to centralise the images- so the first table with the trophies in there, and the table beneath that has the image of the white piece of equipment, I want to centralise these items in their respective cells.

I’ve tried several things but it’s not happening, could anyone help me please? Link below


Thanks in advance

You can center the image in those cells like this.

.tablepress td img{margin:auto;display:block;}

Of course that will affect all images in that context so if you only want certain images affected then add a class to the parent and use that instead.

That’ great thank you very much for your help


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