Centering a graphic menu

on this page:
i have a graphic menu,
so far, div or ul/li I have not been able to center it, and also what i tried to center the images w/in the boxes hasn’t worked.
Could i please get some advice on this one too?

.gmCtr {
   text-align: center;


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well d’ho…Thank you Ralph!

It’s ok to make fun Ronpat!

No, no, no…! Not making fun I started answering your post and got distracted by two felines wanting some din-din. We went downstairs where I fed them then yielded to the urge to find a snack for myself. No wonder I can’t lose any weight .

I clicked the send button when I returned only to discover that @ralphm had posted an identical response 14 minutes earlier (Yikes! egg on face). Silly to post the same thing twice to I trashed it.

At least you know that you are well attended

Cheers, lady


Indeed, thank you all.
& empathize on the felines!

to center div / nav / ul set width + set margin:auto;

Use text-align:center; for the list element.

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