Cat | args for Cpanel Terminal | Deleting infected files in batches through the terminal

Issue: Hostgator identified 30K potential threats on my website because of a WordPress plugin.
I was able to remove 25K of it with the help of this command through the terminal

find . -name "0x1337.php" -delete

I have now a text file by the name of newmalare.txt in the root of the Cpanel file manager, which has around 6K issue files, mostly with .htacces, but not all .htaccess.

I am not a Linux or server guy, if someone can please help me tow write a terminal command to delete all files that are listed in that text file.

Files to be deleted looks like this →

I stumbled upon various places and the solution would be around:
cat | xargs,. I tried a few I got from the Internet, none worked, as the terminal was saying couldn’t delete files.

What I tried: cat pendingmalaware.txt | xargs -n 1 rm and then →

Could this part be a challenge: SL-HTACCESS-GENERIC-md5-eyh.UNOFFICIAL FOUND in

/home1/toolculator/public_html/ SL-HTACCESS-GENERIC-md5-eyh.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

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