Casale Media requirements - picky?

I’ve applied to Casale Media about 3 times over the past year and have been repeatedly rejected. Are they usually this picky? I work with other top-tier CPM ad networks like Tribal Fusion and MTV Tribes. My site attracts over 500,000 uniques a month as well, but no dice, Casale keeps rejecting me. I doubt it’s a content thing, as it seems other sites in my niche use them. They won’t give me a clear cut reason for the rejection either, only that my site “not currently compliant with our network acceptance criteria.”

Anyone else have trouble getting into Casale?

That is odd.

What is your website?

I have had trouble getting with them. I was accepted a few years ago and then dropped. Signed up several different sites all VERY high traffic and all declined. I never heard of MTV Tribes though.

No reply. Gee, what a shocker. :rolleyes:

Another poster who puts the blame elsewhere???

I wonder if they simply have a glut of sites from a certain category/niche and hence, reject new applicants.